Membership Information - Apply Today!

Ø    Professional Affiliation:

Associate with highly skilled surgeons from around the world to share information and experiences; influence the Society and the microsurgery field through your active participation

Ø    Quality Continuing Medical Education Opportunities: 

Exciting and informative world congress meetings; internationally renowned lecturers relate medical advances; scientific papers and posters welcomed; panels formulated to address current trends and issues facing the specialty

Ø    Networking

Easily contact fellow members through the WSRM web site; mingle with other members and microsurgeons from across the world at the meeting which is planned by a local planning committee to enhance your cultural experience; becoming involved in a committee structure that brings together surgeons with shared interests; as a member your name is listed in a database that allows the administrative staff to refer patients to your practice (identified geographically); discussion boards are available to members only to discuss current trends and experiences with member’s worldwide at your convenience   

 Ø    Accessibility

Affordable annual dues and reduced meeting registration-; easy to apply, simply complete an application and submit letters of recommendation; a helpful staff available to answer your questions 

Ø    WSRM Newsletter, Website and official Journal

The newsletter and web site contain updates on Society activities, events and issues important to members; dues paying members receive a one year online subscription of the Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery, the official journal of the WSRM